Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair

Today’s modern auto air conditioning system are complex in nature and repairing your A/C system can be complex as well. From understanding computerized automatic temperature control systems to latest in alternative refrigerants, Doctor J Automotive has your A/C needs well in hand.

As always, regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to insure your car systems are working properly. Another way to keep your air conditioning running good is to use it.

Symptoms your A/C needs maintenance – No Cool Air

That’s pretty much it. If there is a little cool air coming through you may have a low refrigerant charge or a slow leak in your system, among other things. If no cool air is coming out, a bad compressor, broken drive belt, or maybe a blown fuse could be the problem.

Have your A/C serviced by the best

Having a certified auto mechanic give your air conditioning system a proper diagnosis is the first step. Doctor J Automotive has the best certified mechanics in town. We are your neighborhood air conditioning specialist.

Huntington BeachDoctor J Automotive Air Conditioning Tips:

Regularly run your A/C.

Running your air conditioning during the cool months of the year can help keep your compressor properly lubricated and ready for next summer. Your A/C does require more gasoline to run, so just a few minutes every now and then should be plenty and not affect your gas milage.

Kill the mildew smell.

Mold and mildew can build up inside the A/C evaporator. To prevent this from happening, run the fan for 5 minutes before you stop running the A/C. This will get rid of excess moisture keeping the mold and mildew in check.