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Add water distilled to the battery of your vehicle whenever it is necessary and if the battery requires it. Remember that the liquid need to surpass the level of the plates just a little, consider the measurement, since an excess also can be detrimental for your car.
Which is the mechanism by which the electrolyte of the battery is reduced?

Any real auto repair shop in Huntington Beach CA could tell you, the water contained in the electrolyte of the battery is electrolyzed by means of chemical reaction that takes place when the battery is recharged; the electrolyzed water is freed as gas of hydrogen and oxygen and the amount of electrolyte of the battery is reduced gradually. Also it is reduced due to the natural evaporation of the water.
How is judged the life utility of the battery? The life utility of the battery varies to a great extent depending on the situation of use, but normally it can say that it is of 2 to 4 years. One knows that the life utility of the battery almost is finished when they appear the following phenomena:
The speed of turn of the motor is slow when starting or the starter nontour.
* The tension of the battery lowers drastically when starting the motor, after it having even recharged sufficiently.
* The specific gravity of the electrolyte of the battery does not increase when recharging it.
* The specific gravity of the electrolyte of the battery varies to a great extent between different cells.
The volume of the battery electrolyte has been reduced enough. When judging the life utility of the battery several factors must be consider, among them the tension of the battery: if the tension is of 9V or more at the moment for taking the motor, it indicates a fluctuation or great reduction of the volume of the electrolyte.

Is deteriorated the battery if it is not used?

When the battery is not used absolutely, the stored energy is lost gradually. This takes place due to a slow chemical reaction between the plates positive and negative in the battery that causes one descharge. In addition to this, the electricity is consumed with the clock and other accessories of the automobile, even if the motor is not ignited. When the vehicle is not used during prolonged periods, it is recommended to start the engine once in a while during a sufficiently long period to recharge the battery or to put it in slow load.

What is what shortens the life utility of the battery?

A great unloading and recharges of the battery. For example when:
The vehicle is only used at night. (The electrical charge is greater.)
* The vehicle is stopped during long periods of time with the motor to the slow motion (minimum).
* The amount of generated electricity is small.
* The motor is often taken to the day. (The electrical charge is great.)
* Also when the temperature of the battery is high (circulation prolonged at low speeds or in clogging of traffic).
Lack of electrolyte in the battery.

Your local Huntington Beach CA Auto Repair Shop will always be around to help your fix your current battery.


When needs to add water in cooling system, never take off cover of radiator when motor is hot, because you could undergo burns since the liquid that is there is under high pressures and temperatures, wait until refrigeration system reduces its temperature, also is necessary to take the necessary safety measure. Its something simple that your local Huntington Beach Auto Repair Shop can really help with.

System of Direction:
itís recommended to inspect the system of the direction of your vehicle to verify a possible wearing down, that it can get to be a dangerous condition when drives your vehicle. Inspect the conditions of the direction steering wheel, as far as an excessive free game, strange slowness, or sounds. This is for your security, the control that you have on your car reside in the steering wheel.

Fuel saving:
When there is very low temperature; warm up the motor of 30 to 45 seconds. More time spends fuel uselessly. Accelerate little by little when it initiates his route, at moderate speed. Hope to that the temperature of the motor becomes stabilized to demand the total power of its automobile. If it accelerates thorough when starting, it can cause a wearing down of the motor, damage the spark plugs or the injectors and produce excessive coal deposits. Use an oil of good quality to give extra protection him to the motor in the starting, mainly to low temperatures. In cars of manual transmission, it changes of speed when the system allows it. The low speeds are designed to obtain a fast acceleration, whereas the fourth and villa is for saving combustible.
The maintenance of its car diminishes the fuel consumption in a 10%, in addition of which it will have a better yield. Review it every six months or every 10 thousand kilometers. Periodically maintain the air cleaner and change regularly. Watch the pressure of the tires, as well as the alignment and the balance. The short trips, mainly when the motor is cold, increase to the consumption of fuel and the contamination until in a 50%. Take off the car heavy objects that are not going to be used. By each 45 kilograms extra that it loads, the fuel consumption is increased in near 2%. In the city is preferable to use small cars, since they are economic, easy to manoeuvre and to park. When it handles in route, close the windows and use the inner ventilation, since to maintain them open it increases the air resistance on the vehicle and is greater fuel consumption. Do not abuse the air conditioned, as well as the heating. Not fill the tank until the top and verifies that or it is closed so that the fuel is not spilled or evaporates.

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