Award Wining

Honesty, Competence and Courtesy

Why is the AAA Approved Auto Repair program important to you.

You may or may not be an Auto Club member, but you can still take advantage of the strict standards that the Auto Club uses to separate the best auto shops from the rest.

“The Auto Club has done all the legwork for you,” says Jim Broussard, owner of Doctor J, an AAR facility in Huntington Beach. “It makes sure shops have the credentials and treat their customers honestly, and it stands behind their work.”

AAA Quality Service Award

We are a 2-time AAA Quality Service Award winner for customer satisfaction and service quality.

To win this AAA award a shop must exceed the already stringent Auto Club standards for a consecutive two-year period: no more than one complaint from an Auto Club member, a minimum 99 percent customer satisfaction rating during two consecutive surveys and no facility deficiencies during either of the Auto Club’s detailed annual shop inspections or the bimonthly shop reviews.

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