Christmas Car Gadget Gift Ideas

When running life’s little errands, some fun, useful gadgets can make your time behind the wheel a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable. With Christmas just around the corner and gift-giv- ing on our minds handy carriers and consoles will give you a place for your stuff, from sodas and cellphones to groceries, helping to keep the interior of your car organized.

No one likes to look disorganized. A handheld portable vacuum cleaner makes it easier to keep dirt and/or cracker and chip crumbs from accumulat- ing on car seats and in every nook and cranny, or how about a storage orga- nizer that can hold the kids favorite movies, video games, tablet, Kindle or iPad. Your kids will be kept entertained while your car stays clean and orga- nized. There are car organizers that are built to hold clipboards, notebooks, flashlights and have designated pockets that can be used as a smartphone holder and to hold anything you could need during your daily commute.

A heavy-duty collapsible storage bin is a great option for hiding away any snacks or beverages. When not in use, it flattens down, so it won’t waste valuable space.

How about an organizer for the trunk or back of your SUV to keep groceries and other acquisitions from rolling all over while you make your way home?

If you are annoyed with the blind spots created by hanging your coat or dry cleaning from the usual spot there is a car valet attachment for the back of your headrest which can be the perfect place to hang your sport coat and be ready and polished for the next big meeting.

Are you still fumbling around with the speakerphone while driv- ing? Then a wireless headset is exactly the upgrade. It will connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and sits comfortably in your ear, al- lowing you to seamlessly take a call without using your hands.

When you are using your smart device for GPS or keeping track of your to-do list and being accessible to your work and family, the bat- tery drains fast. A charging dock will keep your battery full and screen in sight when behind the wheel.

A Dash Cam can give you an extra pair of eyes or how about an emer- gency roadside kit with jumper cables and auto-charging LED light that might be the gift that keeps your family safe this Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From the Staff at Doctor J Automotive



By Monica Broussard of Dr. J Automotive