Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Repair

Toady’s fuel injection system needs to be working properly to get the most power out of your engine. That includes the fuel pump, temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, the fuel regulators and air flow meter, not to mention the fuel injector itself.

Doctor J Automotive prides itself on being the best in the business at diagnosing and repairing fuel injection systems. Whether your car has an electronic fuel injection system (EFI) or a constant injection system (CIS), we have the knowledge and experience to keep your car running its best.

Huntington BeachDoctor J Automotive Fuel Injection Tips

How do you know you have a fuel injection problem?

Do you think your problem is fuel injected related? Here are some typical symptoms of a poor function fuel injection system.

  • Car idles rough
  • Weak acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy