Auto Repair Specials

$49.95 – Minor Service Special (Regularly $105.00)

(First Time Customers Only Please, can not be combined with any other offer.)

Our Exclusive Minor Service Special includes:

Inspection of the following items:

    • All Fluid Levels
    • Emissions System
    • PCV
    • Engine Coolant and Fan Operation
    • All Belts and Hoses
    • Shocks and Suspension Components
    • Exterior and Interior Lights and Signals
    • Exhaust System
    • Brake Pads, Rotors and Lines
    • Alignment and Tire Wear
    • CV Joints and Boots or Drive Shaft
    • Wiper Blades
    • Power Steering and Linkage
    • Ignition Components and Spark Plug Wires
    • Air Conditioning Performance and Operation
    • Distributor Cap and Rotor (If Applicable)
    • Charging System and Operation


Replacement of the following items:

  • Engine Oil and Filter (synthetic oil available at additional cost)
  • Rotate Tires and Adjust Tire Pressure to Manufactures Specifications
  • Reset Vehicle Maintenance Reminder Light
  • Lube Suspension Points (If Applicable)
  • Perform Road test


Other Services available to you at no charge:

    • Free Shuttle Service: To Home, Office or Mall. We’ll drop you off and then pick you up when your vehicle is ready! (Within 5 Miles)
    • Early Bird Key Drop-Off Service: Place your key in an envelope. Then fill out front side of the envelope with your vehicle information. Then Drop in the early bird box located by the front entrance. Please remember to leave a phone where we can contact you.
    • Night Owl Park-Out Service: If you need to pick up your vehicle after we close, we can arrange payment with you and park your vehicle outside so that you can pick it up at your convenience.

*All of these services meet or exceed most manufactures requirements. Some manufactures may require more maintenance, which we will discuss with you if necessary. This menu is a quick guide to most services required.