Spring Clean Your Car!

Spring Clean Your Car!

We think of spring cleaning our homes or planting our gardens but what about cleaning your car?

I am talking about a deep cleaning on your vehicle; a cleaning that maintains the value of your vehicle and potentially diverts future problems.

You can do it yourself or take it to the professionals.  Here are some tips if you decide to tackle it yourself:

Clean out all of the extra napkins, coffee cups, grocery bags, paper, shoes, gym clothes etc. 

Clean and condition your leather seats.  Be very careful on the product you use. Test it on a small section first. This will keep the leather from cracking over time.

If you have cloth seats and you have some spots from food that’s been dropped then spot clean your seats (again test the product first) and vacuum the crumbs that accumulate in the cracks.

Vacuum then clean your carpets. 

Wash your car. Wax and buff your car to protect the paint. 

If all of this seems like a little too much work, have it professionally detailed.

Change your wiper blades.  Remember these are supposed to be done once a year. 

Take it in for maintenance. Oil change, air filter, and the cabin air filter if you suffer with allergies to prevent pollen from building up.

This simple spring routine can keep your car looking and driving like new.

Happy Spring from Doctor J Automotive