Suspension / Alignment Repair


A properly working suspension not only keeps you comfortable when driving over bumpy roads, it keeps your tires in contact with the road providing safe handling and braking. A worn down suspension can be dangerous.

Your shocks, struts, and springs need to be fine tuned to serve your driving needs. If you have noticed uneven tire wear, off-center steering wheel, swaying, drifting pulling, or difficult steering, Doctor J Automotive is your place for professional suspension repairs.


Part of your auto maintenance should include aligning your tires. This means adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they sit properly on the road. Your car maker has set specifications to maximize tire life and allow your car to travel straight when on a flat road.

Doctor J Auto can keep your car driving smoothly. Stay properly aligned and keep your car on the straight and narrow.

Huntington BeachDoctor J Automotive Suspension Tips

Check your alignment often

Keeping your car’s tires properly aligned vehicle can protect you from expensive suspension repairs. Have your alignment checked every 6 months.