The Ultimate Truck Driving Playlist

What makes a great truck-driving playlist? While there isn’t any one thing that qualifies a song to be on this kind of playlist, some things definitely help:

No Sleepy Ballads
While some truly great ballads and slow-paced songs exist, it’s important to stay awake while driving. Fun, fast-tempo songs work much better. The majority of the songs on this (or any) good truck driving playlist make drivers want to drum on the steering wheel, opposed to settle in for a nap. There’s no sleeping through Them’s version of “Route 66!”

Songs About Vehicles, Roads, and Driving
It’s a bummer when you’re on a long drive and a song comes on that makes you wish you were someplace else, doing something else. For this reason, songs about vehicles, roads, and driving are excellent choices for a playlist you want to listen to in the truck. Even if the song only mentions a road or street once or twice in the lyrics, it shouldn’t be about sitting on a beach or dancing with friends. Songs like that will only make you yearn to pull over and jump out of the cab. “Expressway To Your Heart” by Soul Survivors, on the other hand, makes you feel glad to be on the highway.

Sing-Along Songs
Singing along always helps time on the road pass more quickly. If there are unintelligible lyrics, tricky harmonies that leave you unsure where to start singing, or long instrumental breaks, the song might not belong on a playlist like this one. Songs that are fun to sing at the top of your lungs, on the other hand, are great for driving a truck. The “La, la, la” chorus of Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” is a great example.

Road-Tested Music
All the songs on this list are tried and true tracks that have stood the test of time. These tracks have been rocking down highways and through tollbooths long enough to be considered classics of the rock genre. You’ll want to listen to them again and again. “Little Old Lady From Pasadena” by The Beach Boys will be as good a song at your destination as it was when you departed.

These Songs Actually Rock
The best songs for a truck driving playlist should tempt you to take your hands off the wheel and play air guitar (but don’t!). Some magical combination of guitar, drums, bass, vocals, and maybe some other instruments should occur that makes you want to turn up the volume, even if it’s already pretty loud. Songs don’t rock much harder than Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Underfoot.”

The Playlist
1. No Particular Place To Go — Chuck Berry
2. Little Old Lady From Pasadena — Beach Boys
3. Highway 61 Revisited — Bob Dylan
4. Route 66 — Them
5. Mustang Sally — Wilson Pickett
6. Expressway To Your Heart — Soul Survivors
7. Lovely Rita — The Beatles
8. Sunday Morning — Velvet Underground
9. Crosstown Traffic — Jimi Hendrix
10. Crossroads — Cream
11. Truckin’ — Grateful Dead
12. Lake Shore Drive — Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah
13. Going Mobile — The Who
14. Highway Star — Deep Purple
15. Ventura Highway — America
16. Lowrider — War
17. Trampled Under Foot — Led Zeppelin
18. Thunder Road — Bruce Springsteen
19. The Passenger — Iggy Pop
20. Brass In Pocket — The Pretenders

You song choice can help you stay focus and safe on the road. Staying away from accidents and visiting a Huntington Beach auto repair shop.

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